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Where can you buy Testosterone pills online?

With the ever increasing number of men looking to use testosterone for either sports performance or for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) purposes, it is no wonder that the amount of people searching for testosterone pills has vastly grown over recent years. While testosterone is available for medical purposes from doctors and healthcare professionals, those that are seeking to use it for bodybuilding and athletic reasons (or those that do not qualify for TRT) are forced to use other avenues – the main one of which is the World Wide Web. Do a search for a ‘testosterone pills’ related search term and you’ll be inundated with a plethora of results – many of which will be online steroid stores offering testosterone (in its many forms) for sale. The big questions is not only the large one that makes up the title of this paragraph, but also ‘Is it safe to buy testosterone pills online?’. In this article we will examine the answers to both of these questions in an attempt to provide you, our valued readers, with the requisite advice to enable you to purchase the performance enhancing or TRT based products you are looking for.

Buying Testosterone online – is it safe?


Where buying anabolic steroids such as testosterone online most people are concerned with two things: the legal element and the safety element. In this section we shall delve into the latter. To provide an answer to this question is simple – yes, testosterone can be bought safely – but the emphasis must go on the word ‘can’. There is a right and wrong way to go about trying to purchase testosterone (or any anabolic steroids online for that matter), so we’ve put together some golden nuggets of advice to help you to avoid any traps or pitfalls (that can be easily to fall down should you not be au fait with the world of buying PED’s online). Here are our top tips:

  1. Domestic: Only purchase testosterone from sources within your own country. Why? It’s much safer. The checks carried out on domestic postal and courier services are way, way less stringent than those that are entering the USA from abroad. Customs is extremely security conscience (for obvious reasons), therefore, if you want to improve your chances of actually receiving your goods then sticking to domestic sources is always a wise idea. The shipping will also be quicker and cost less too.
  2. Read reviews: This may sound like an obvious comment to make but many people aren’t aware that reviews for steroid labs and products actually exist. Although there are only two major players in this area (eRoids and Muscle Gurus), they provide a comprehensive look at most sites that sell testosterone and most sites and product types will have at least a handful of reviews. Before making a purchase do your research on any testosterone supplier you come across – you’ll be grateful you did, trust us! There are numerous unscrupulous sites out there, but you can avoid them if you carry out due diligence.
  3. Credit card: Although many sellers will warn against using your credit card or debit card to purchase testosterone online (claiming it isn’t safe) it is actually the safest form of payment as it affords you more protection than every other type of payment combined! Although there aren’t many testosterone suppliers that accept credit card, there are definitely some out there so be sure to fully scour the vast expanses of the World Wide Web.

What are the benefits of Testosterone pills?

testosterone pills benefits


Being the primary endogenous male hormone, testosterone has a myriad of health and performance benefits, and therefore the pill form will also have these benefits too. But what are they? They include, but are not limited to: increases muscle mass, increased strength levels, increased focus and controlled aggression, increased energy and motivation, increased appetite improved sleep, improved mood, decreased body fat and decreased lethargy. As you can see there are numerous positives that can be experienced when taking testosterone in any form – oral included.

Does Testosterone have side effects?

All anabolic androgenic hormones will have side effects if taken at high enough doses (i.e. above TRT levels). These include, but are not limited to: acne, hair growth on the body, hair loss on the head, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased cholesterol, disturbed sleep, gynecomastia and testicular shrinkage. All side effects will depend on the individual and how prone they are to the effects caused by testosterone usage (both androgenic and estrogenic effects).

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