Do Steroid Websites Accept Credit Cards?

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Are there online steroid suppliers that take payment by credit card?

Due to the vast number of those out there that are looking to buy steroids it is no wonder that there a multitude of websites that are willing to sell them. All it takes is a quick browse on a search engine (our good old friend Google!) and you’ll be presented with hundreds – if not thousands – of websites that offer performance enhancing drugs for sale. One question that often get asked however, is ‘Are there many sites out there that take credit cards?’. In today’s world of having everything immediately and at the touch of a button, people are wanting the same when buying anabolics on the internet. Traditional payment methods for these types of sites and products are bank/wire transfer and international money transfers, but these take a lot more time and effort than punching in a few numbers and card details.

What is the number of sites that actually take card payments? Unfortunately it is difficult to give a specific number. Steroid sites pop up and close down all the time, and finding a way around payment processors rules and regulations can often be difficult not only to begin with but also in the long run, i.e. not getting caught. The best course of action to take is to find the sites that offer the products you’re looking for and simply see if they accept card payments. Our advice would be check out one of the major steroid review sites such as MuscleGurus or eRoids and work your way down the list of the top rated suppliers. Sure, it will take you a portion of your time to do so, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

How safe is buying steroids online?

This is another question that I hear on a daily basis and is one that everyone who is considering buying steroids should be asking. If you were to ask an old school bodybuilder or even venture on one of the many online bodybuilding forums and ask this question then you’d hear very similar responses, i.e. not to buy online because it’s not safe. While there is no doubt that this was true many years ago, there are actually now far more legitimate sites selling genuine products – more than there ever have been. The demand for steroids (thanks to the huge increase in those interested in bodybuilding, gym going or simply changing their physique) has risen dramatically, therefore supply has adjusted appropriately. People have seen the sheer amount of demand for such products and are delivering on a massive scale.

But how safe actually is it? The internet has made it a lot safer. The inception of steroid review sites and bodybuilding/steroid forums has meant that fake sites are quickly exposed and do not last long. You’ll always find chancers who want to make a speedy dollar selling black or grey market goods, and the online steroids market is no different. The best way to combat scammers is to use the steroid review sites we referred to above – MuscleGurus and eRoids. These are very well moderated and you can be rest assured that a vast majority of the reviews are legitimate. Read the reviews, only buy from your own country (USA) and always make a small test purchase first. Buying steroids isn’t something that should be rushed into – always carry out sufficient research before committing to any purchase.

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