Where can you Buy Steroids with Visa card?

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Is it possible to purchase steroids using your Visa card?

With steroid usage continuing to increase it is no wonder that users are looking to buy online using their credit and debit cards. One question commonly asked is whether anabolics can be bought using a Visa card. The answer to this question is a simple one, however it would be wise to provide extra information along with the answer as this will be valuable to you – the potential steroid purchaser. Before we delve into the answer it must be stated that steroids do have the potential to cause health risks, so having a full medical check up before, during and after each cycle is absolutely vital. In addition, it is imperative that those anabolic steroids have their training and diet regime well and truly ‘dialled in’ before commencing a steroid cycle as this will ensure maximal gains (muscle mass, fat loss and/or strength increases).

In answer to the above question, yes, steroids can be bought with a Visa card. But, it isn’t that simple. There are many precautions that you must take before making an online purchase. In this article we look at these and advise you on to best avoid the common pitfalls of using online steroid suppliers. Here are our golden rules for buying online:

  1. Only use domestic sources: When you search for steroid stores online you’ll be presented with many options, many of which will be from all over the world. While it can be extremely tempting to utilise the special offers overseas sources will typically have (particularly if it is difficult to obtain steroids in your country and therefore the price is very high), we advise you to only use domestic sources. Why? Simply because domestic shipping is under far less surveillance and scrutiny in comparison to international shipping which has many ‘hoops to jump through’ before arriving a your door. If your package gets confiscated once then your name and address will be blacklisted and you may then be under surveillance yourself, which is obviously the last thing you want!
  2. Always read reviews: It is shocking how many people will see the steroids they want and the fact that the store accept visa or mastercard and then proceed to buy without doing their due diligence. You wouldn’t make any other form of purchase without reading reviews, so why do the same where steroids are concerned? It used to be difficult to know which suppliers were trusted, however with the inception of two major review sites it has become a lot easier to know only know which suppliers are legitimate, but also which UGLs are too. Take time to decipher which are the best suppliers – you’ll benefit from doing this in the long run, trust us.
  3. Use your card to pay: Although many people out there (including online steroid stores that don’t take card payments) will tell you not to buy steroids using your credit or debit card, you will actually have the most protection if you do use them. If you pay via bank transfer or some form of money transfer then only the recipient can reverse the transaction, i.e. give you your money back, whereas with a card you can initiate a chargeback with your bank. Although some may be wary of using their ‘plastic’ to purchase anabolics, remember that in the UK it isn’t illegal to do so, so there are no worries to be had on that front.

So there you have it – a guide to buy steroids using your Visa card. For more information on steroids please visit: https://steroidsbodybuilding.eu/